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My profile picture Kushajveer Singh


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Full-Stack Software Engineer with a Master’s in Computer Science. Currently responsible for designing and developing internal tools and web applications for staff and clients across 159 counties in Georgia and the neighboring states.

Skilled in developing fully-responsive, mobile-first web applications using TypeScript/React/Express/PostgreSQL and integrating APIs. Adept at reading documentation to add new features to existing codebase, participating in code review processes, conducting CI/CD testing, and maintaining legacy systems.


  • Master of Science in Computer Science
    • University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA (Jan 2021 - Dec 2022)
    • GPA: 3.82 / 4.00
  • Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering
    • Punjab Engineering College (Deemed to be University), Chandigarh, India (Aug 2016 - Jun 2020)
    • CGPA: 7.0 / 10.0


  • GCP Essentials (Qwiklabs) link
  • Executive Data Science Specialization (Johns Hopkins University, Coursera)
    • A Crash Course in Data Science link
    • Building a Data Science Team link
    • Managing Data Analysis link
    • Data Science in Real Life link
    • Executive Data Science Capstone link
  • Data Science at Scale Specialization (University of Washington, Coursera)
    • Data Manipulation at Scale: Systems and Algorithms link
    • Practical Predictive Analytics: Models and Methods link
  • Machine Learning (Stanford University, Coursera) link
  • Bayesian Statistics: From Concept to Data Analysis (University of California, Santa Cruz, Coursera) link
  • Neural Networks for Machine Learning (University of Toronto, Coursera) link
  • Deep Learning Specialization (DeepLearning.AI, Coursera)
    • Neural Networks and Deep Learning link
    • Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter Tuning, Regularization and Optimization link
    • Structuring Machine Learning Projects link
    • Convolutional Neural Networks link
    • Sequence Models link
  • Recommender Systems Specialization (University of Minnesota, Coursera)
    • Introduction to Recommender Systems: Non-Personalized and Content-Based link
    • Nearest Neighbor Collaborative Filtering link
    • Recommender Systems: Evaluation and Metrics link
    • Matrix Factorization and Advanced Techniques link
  • Genomic Data Science Specialization (Johns Hopkins University, Coursera)
    • Introduction to Genomic Technologies link
    • Python for Genomic Data Science link
  • Algorithms Specialization (Stanford, Coursera)
    • Divide and Conquer, Sorting and Searching, and Randomized Algorithms link