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Rust docs

General info

  • rustup - command line tool for managing Rust versions and associated tools (updater)
  • rustc - compiler
  • cargo - package manager to download dependencies and the frontend to the compiler
  • rustfmt - to format rust code
  • clippy - linter to analyze source code for bugs



curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

Installs rustup, rustc, cargo, rustfmt, clippy. You will also need a linker, which you can get from C compiler.

Pass these env variables as per your need

  • RUSTUP_HOME (~/.rustup) - where rustup will store metadata
  • CARGO_HOME (~/.cargo)
  • cargo, rustc, rustup - these commands are located at ~/.cargo/bin and would be added to PATH variables automatically during install

Use rustc --version to verify install (after restarting the shell).


rustup update


rustup self uninstall


Use the rust-analyzer LSP. Install it using ext install rust-lang.rust-analyzer.

  • editor.inlayHints.enabled - show inferred types, return values, named parameters in light text
  • Hovering on variable, function, type, or keyword will give you info on that item including documentation, signature.
  • editor.semanticTokenColorCustomizations - semantic syntax highlighting. Mutable variables are underlined.
  • rust-analyzer.check.command - set to clippy to use cargo clippy when you save a file and display clippy errors and warning directly in the editor.

Vscode shortcuts

  • Auto completions (can be triggered manually using Ctrl-Space).
  • To manually show quick fixes use Ctrl + ..
  • Change a variable name by hovering over the name and press F2 (or select Rename Symbol).
  • Use Ctrl-Shift-I to format document manually or use editor.formatOnSave and editor.formatOnPaste.

Install CodeLLDB extension for debugging.

  • select Debug: Allow Breakpoints Everywhere
  • Use Rust Analyzer: Debug or select the Debug Codelens.


cargo clippy - Run clippy.

cargo clippy --fix - automatically apply lint suggestions (--fix implies --all-targets).

cargo clippy -- -D warnings - build will fail when encountering warnings.

Add clippy to CI

language: rust
  - stable
  - beta
  - rustup component add clippy
  - cargo clippy
  # if you want the build job to fail when encountering warnings, use
  - cargo clippy -- -D warnings
  # in order to also check tests and non-default crate features, use
  - cargo clippy --all-targets --all-features -- -D warnings
  - cargo test
  # etc.


cargo fmt - run the formatter for the given directory

rustfmt filename - format a single file

Create rustfmt.toml or .rustfmt.toml to configure the rustfmt.

Add rustfmt to CI

language: rust
  - rustup component add rustfmt
  - cargo build
  - cargo test
  - cargo fmt --all -- --check

Hello, World


Add the code

fn main() {
    println!("Hello, world!");

Hello, Cargo

Cargo is used to build your code, download dependencies, and build those dependencies (libraries).

cargo new project_name - initializes a git repo also. But if already inside a git repo, it does not.

cargo new project_name vcs=none - to initialize a project without git.